Must know features of Kotlin programming language

Short Bytes: At I/O 2017, Google announced that it’s adding Kotlin programming language’s support in Android. Kotlin, which solves many pain points of Java, has been gaining momentum in recent past. Apart from being open source and featuring full Java interoperability, other best features of Kotlin make it something a programming enthusiast must know. Keeping

Introduction to Deep learning for beginners

Short Bytes: Deep Learning has high computational demands. To develop and commercialize Deep Learning applications, a suitable hardware architecture is required. There is a huge ongoing competition to develop efficient hardware platforms for Deep Learning application deployment. Here, we shall discuss specific hardware requirements and how the future looks for Deep Learning hardware. Deep Learning is the

What you need to know about the Deep Web, Dark Web and DarkNet

most of us, the internet is limited to ten twenty or maybe fifty websites. Most of this limited collection is in the form of Google websites and services. In reality, the internet is enormous, and it has around one billion websites existing on servers around the globe. Even with those million websites, the internet isn’t