How To Install Budgie



Budgie is Solus Project’s homegrown environment. After its advent, budgie-remix gained popularity and, eventually, became an official Ubuntu flavor with a new name Ubuntu Budgie. Just recently, the hard working developers shipped the latest release of Budgie desktop, i.e., Budgie Desktop 10.4.

Before telling you how to install Budgie Desktop 10.4 on Ubuntu, let’s give you a brief introduction of the new features of this release. Please note that Budgie 10.4 is a major release in 10.x series as it comes with significant improvements. It’s immediately available for use in Solus 3.

How to install Budgie Desktop 10.4 on Ubuntu?

Installing Budgie on different versions of Ubuntu is pretty hassle free. You can follow this brief guide, run the given commands one by one, and start using Budgie desktop on your computer in no time.