Zeiss VR One Connect Brings PC


Ahead of IFA 2017, Zeiss and SteamVR have together announced a new VR streaming solution called Zeiss VR One Connect that brings PC-powered VR gaming to smartphones inside mobile VR headsets. Alongside, Zeiss unveiled wireless controllers that will be linked to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

This new technology comes as a breakthrough in the gaming sphere and Zeiss says that it requires iPhone or Android smartphone with 4.7-inch to 5.5-inch display. For the headset, the company recommends its own VR One, however, other wearables can be used too. In order to make this mechanism work, the smartphone needs to connected to a SteamVR-compatible PC with a USB cable (that it ships with). The wearable then works in sync with SteamVR to use the phone’s motion sensors and Bluetooth feature to process the game optimally for the user inside the headset.

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